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Cracked Make Shift Weapons Ss13

cracked make shift weapons ss13


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Cracked Make Shift Weapons Ss13


The Germans, possibly inspired by the effectiveness of the device (or just to silence the screaming in their heads) designed their own Flamethower Landmines later in the war. Contents 1 Your Objectives 2 Preparing for your mission 2.1 The Nuclear Code 2.2 Getting Started 2.3 A plan to kill everyone you meet 3 Equipment 3.1 Equipment in the base 3.2 Equipment on the shuttle 4 Declaring War 5 The Assault 5.1 Getting There 5.2 Roger Wilco, This is Charlie OVER 5.2.1 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW 5.3 GET DAT FUKKEN DISK 5.4 You Have No Chance to Survive, Make Your Time 6 Mission Debriefing . After that it was just a matter of getting as far away as possible before the remaining ground attack aircraft could get airborne. Intellicard - Real men not only blow up the entire station, but steal the AI as well. At low potency they are mostly a joke but at high potency they are as strong as energy swords.


Security A versatile energy weapon. Guns rely on a stock of ammo, and those are hard to get, while energy guns use recharging units or just recharge by themselves. Works also as a ghetto scalpel. When considering whether or not to execute someone, consider their crimes; did they murder people with an ebow, or did they just emag 1-2 doors with an emag? The former is something reasonable to execute them, the latter you could stick them with a lethal chemical implant and tell them to be good or enjoy death. TURN IT ON BEFORE YOU USE IT For obvious balance reasons, hulks cannot use these. One of the only Hardsuits to provide 100% bomb protection, the helmet also has a diagnostic HUD built in. There's more ammo for it on the shuttle.


The Axis was probably grateful to see that charge, actually, after a few minutes of having all the air around them replaced by bullets. The Roboticsts and RD could be cultists and hinder the effort, as well as the fact that the loyalty of the AI and borgs is in question, if the AI gets subverted by a Cultist, suddenly the small army of security borgs will turn on you and murder you. Lawyers do not, however. Spaceworthy. Place the nuke anywhere you want on the station. Make sure to grab one! Military PDA - Comes with a detomatix cartridge, and can open and close your shuttle's blast doors. Via It might as well have shot other guns instead of bullets. Think of it as a ranged hypospray. Flashes will disable it just like normal borgs; if you can get into melee range and flash it, drag it away and beat it to death with your baton.


Read about it for details on how to crack it, bank-robber style. Jesus! Look at that thing: It's like every gun in the world had sex with every other gun in the world, and then neglected the resulting love-child until it became psychotic and vowed revenge on everything. Nanotrasen The first attempt by Nanotrasen to remake the Captain's Antique Laser. Sidearms(Ballistic) Ballistic weapons remain a popular weapon in the 26th century, typically however Nanotrasen prefer the usage of Energy weapons over Ballistic weapons, so don't expect to see many ballistic weapons on station. The Brig: The Warden runs this. Extremely lethal at close range. Cargo. Pulse Carbine Energy 10 Pulse, 20 Laser, 10 Stun 50 Burn Emergency Response Team Nanotrasen A scaled down version of the Pulse Rifle, holds significantly less power than the Pulse Rifle but is capable of being placed inside bags. 4bf8f11bb1

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